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The Mother's Tale / Still Waters

 The Mother's Tale (Still Waters in Australia)

What lies beneath...

Hidden fears, intimate secrets, dark motivations.

From the warm light of her sleeping baby’s nursery, the curve of her husband’s arm, the soft embrace of an old friend, the anonymous narrator of The Mother's Tale whispers to you her intimate fears, her deepest held desires.

In the suburbs, a young mother is looking after her two children. She used to be in control of her life and with her husband's undivided attention. But now her control is slipping away. Motherhood is devouring her life. She is desperate to reclaim her sense of self, even if that means thinking the unthinkable

From its softly lit beginning to its explosive, emotional conclusion The Mother's Tale takes the reader on a journey to the dark recesses of one woman’s heart and mind; right to the truths that are never spoken, the thoughts that are not shared. The Mother's Tale is a deeply unsettling, beautifully constructed book which, once begun, cannot be put down, told by a narrator who refuses to be ignored. It engages and confronts, and will not be easily forgotten.


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