Author: Camilla Noli


My novels have been described as taut psychological thrillers that peer beneath contemporary suburban, social and personal facades to explore the hidden aspects of human lives.  I write about complex and flawed people driven by their secrets and dark urges as they grapple with the intricacies of modern life. I hope you enjoy my writing and my website. I love to hear from people so please feel free to comment on my blog Tripping Down Mobius Lane or send me an email. 


Reviews of The Mother's Tale / Still Waters

‘The watercooler book of the year.’—Harper’s Bazaar

'A slight discomfort at what might be uncovered turns into a mounting feeling of dread. Yet at the same time it's impossible not to be fascinated by this woman... You'll be compelled to keep reading to discover the truth.'—She

‘Noli’s debut novel is uncomfortably hypnotic. It’s got a creepy, dreamlike quality that draws you in even when all you want to do is look away. It’s a novel that holds up the most horrifying mirror of motherhood and dares you to contradict what you see . . . That’s what makes Still Waters so shocking: you know this woman.’—Who Weekly

'At under 200 pages it's perfect for a single sitting on a winter evening, an easy, engrossing slip of a thing that explores the ultimate taboo.'—Observer

'Noli creates a tightly controlled thriller. Unease stirs from the opening paragraph... Noli stops just short of melodrama to serve up a tale of distressing plausibility.'—Guardian

'The Mother's Tale is a clever psychological thriller that puts inadmissible thoughts into well-chosen words.'—Literary Review

‘Not only is the subject matter harrowing but the voice is cool and seductive, leading us inevitably to places we don’t want to go; and yet, once there, unable to resist reading on. This psychological thriller is all the more terrifying because it touches on feelings common to more of us than we care to admit.’—The Age

‘One of the most confronting novels of 2008.’—Canberra Times

‘Compelling and disturbing.’—Sunday Telegraph

‘Noli has woven a confronting and chilling tale.’—Herald Sun

‘The coldly honest style of narration is such that one can quite understand the mother’s feelings, if not her actions.’—Cairns Post

‘For the reader the awful knowledge that something dread ful is going to happen creeps up with hideous certainty. Alarming.’—Townsville Bulletin